Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another day..

Not much to report today in my lapband world. I was feeling very snacky today. Here is what I ate:

BF: Berocca, Hazelnut latte and Musashi P30 protein shake (400 cals)
MT: Nothing
L: 3 bites of my McCain twin pack chicken pasta, half an apple and 15 rice crackers (200 cals)
AT: Other half of my apple, 1 golburn valley apple puree and snack pack of paradise lite biscuits (250 cals)
D: 3/4 cup of vegetable frittata (400 cals)

Exercise: 550cals burnt over 45 mins in the gym.

A picture perfect day! And I've got enough frittata left over for tomorrow lunch AND dinner! YAY!

LBG xx


GF said...

Looks like you've got a good meal plan for the day going there! That frittata sounds excellent :) said...

OMG... that's a 'snacky' day for you?? haha... my bad!

L x