Saturday, April 25, 2009

Long may it last...

Ahh, the feeling of complete fullness.. I have it back after seeing my wonderful fill doctors at the centre. They basically said my head space was right, my eating was pretty good (except that I was eating too much) and that my exercise was spot on and that the band wasn't working for me because my fill level was down. 0.5mL back inside me... no dramas!

I did have a chat to them about my confidentiality and they have kept me assured. This person doesn't generally access the "banded" patients files and would only go looking if she had a reason. If she did find out, she would be under strict confidentiality laws not to say anything to me or any one else. I told the fill doctor that if she did find out about it and came to me, then I would ask her not to tell anyone... and that if she did, I would be notifying the staff at the centre that I had a breach of my confidentiality and privacy and they would deal with her appropriately.

So last night I had half a cup of velish soup.... couldn't finish it all. This morning I'm having my berocca and a protein shake for breakky, soup for lunch and probably soup for dinner too!! I'm on liquids for the whole weekend and then progress to mushies on Monday.

I'm also going to start an official weight loss day and post every Saturday. So today I weighed in at 90.9kg.

And finally, Lest We Forget - to our brave aussie and NZ heros who died for us... I'll be Cheers'ing my liquid weekend to you!!

LBG xx


Margaret said...

Hi, thats good you had a chat about the confidentiality, I know I hate it when I have any op/proceedure and I know a nurse/dr/anyone I know works at the hospital.

Melanie said...

This all sounds good. Fluids all weekend - hope it's not hard - sounds like that's all you want. Good luck this week with it all. You're awesome!

GF said...

Yay for a Fill and immediately feeling the results.

It never ceases to amaze me how just a bit of saline makes such a difference.

Keep up the good work :)