Sunday, April 19, 2009

Need a fill... baaaaaaaad!

Yep... it's definitely fill time for this little bandit. I'm booked in for Wednesday at 3:45pm... I'm not looking forward to seeing my fill doctor, but I know I just have to go in and be honest. I'm eating too much and I need fill in to make the band work for me again...

Exercise this week has been pretty good though:

Monday: Step Class and Pump Class (1200 cals)
Tuesday: Spin Class (550 cals)
Wednesday: Boxing Class (600 cals)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Cardio Session PM (700 cals)
Saturday: Spin Class and Pump Class (1000 cals)

I am feeling sooooooo amazingly fit at the moment... it feels so so good right now. I crave exercise, I love exercising and I'm so glad I'm in that exercise funk at the moment!

This week my plan for exercise is:
Monday: Pump Class 60 mins
Tuesday: Spin Class 45 mins
Wednesday: Boxing Class 60 mins
Thursday: Pump Class 60 mins
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Spin Class and Pump Class 1 hr 45 mins
Sunday: Afternoon Walk 60 mins

I can't wait for my fill... I'm looking forward to gaining some control back. Yesterday I went out for lunch and managed to eat hot chips... I could NEVER eat hot chips when I was properly filled. I've got some pureed fruits and cup-a-soups for my fill day and the next day when I'm supposed to stay on liquids. I also have some celebrity slim shakes and yoghurts as well.

Bring it on!

Have a good week everyone!

LBG xx

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mjwdec73 said...

I love the exercise zone feeling - soooooooo good.