Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fill time!

I did it! I called my Fill Doctor and am booked in for 3:45pm next Wednesday! I'm glad I did it... MYF said something very true that the doctors aren't there to judget you but to help you get back on track. So hopefully I'll get some timely advice and a kick up the backside from my fill doctor, get a half mL and be on my merry way!

Did a spin class tonight. It felt great! Got my heart rate up to 177bpm at one stage! I totally rocked it..

Food was pretty fabulous today - except for the head of a heritage rabbit I had for after dinner. Today I had:
BF: 1 tea, 1 berocca, 1 yoghurt
MT: Nothing
L: vegetable and pearl barley soup and some popcorn
AT: 1 small apple (3pm)
AT (2): mainland cheese and crackers (that snack pack with 3 crackers and 3 slices of cheese) - I needed it because I was starting to have a carb crash and was about to go into a spin class..
D: Half a veal cordon bleu and 2 tablespoons of steamed carrot, beans and corn
S: the head of a chocolate rabbit and a cup of coke zero

That's all from me for now. Thanks for your comments! Bring on next Wednesday! Let's see if I can lose at least a kilo before then!!!

LBG xx


klm said...

Hey lovely.. so glad you've booked in for a fill. Like yu were saing, it sounds like it's time and I hope it gives you a bit of a kiick-along in the weight loss department.

I was also going to say that I'm a bit astounded by your scales given all you're doing and I know how hard you exercise and work with the band in general. Such a bummer. In any case, I'm glad you're being proactive about it adn getting on with it. Let's kick butt down through the 80s together!

klm.. xo

P.S. I get my first fill on Monday with Dr T - yay!

mjwdec73 said...

Glad you booked in for that fill - you go girl! Love that 177 on the HRM too - so nice to be able to do it and not want to die :)