Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabulous First Week!

What a week! I had a fab time at my new job... and I managed to keep up my exercise routine for the week.. A few prob with stuck food.. and a couple too many easter eggs... but that's OK.

Exercise this week has been:

Monday: Pump 60mins 400 cals
Tuesday: Spin 45 mins 550 cals
Wednesday: Boxing 60 mins 660 cals
Thursday: Pump 60 mins 400 cals
Friday: Walking around at the Easter show and some Wii fit exercises I think
Saturday: Spin at 9:30am
Sunday: Rest day or possibly an afternoon walk with a girlfriend.

Found this fabulous bandit food called "gourmet to go". They are cans of food at around 200 cals. The one I had today was a chicken and vege mix. Had loads of vege and chicken and I was FULL but not stuffed. I've also bought some low cal chunky soups - chicken, vege and pasta, minestrone, Vegetable and pasta... 80 cals for 1 serving for half a can.

Other than that I'm feeling fighting fit, other than the muscle soreness from pump.

Have a happy easter to everyone!!!

LBG xx


GF said...

That's great that you found fabulous food choices in lower quantities. It's hard to make something then only eat a portion.

Happy Easter to you too!!

Melanie said...

You're a legend. Such great achievements this week. Well done.

klm said...

Happy Easter to you too lovely! Sounds like you're having a cracker of the week both at work and with the exercise. That's unreal!

I see the doc on Monday, 20 April and am hoping to get the all clear for pump but next Saturday, I'll join you at Spin even though it's going to kill me. Gah!

Hope you and your lovely husband have a wonderful Easter.. see you soon!

klm.. xo

The Dash! said...

Been reading your blog for the past few days and love it. You're on an amazing journey and doing so great. Look forward to reading the next installment.
Cara :)

Nola said...

A very happy Easter to you too!!

mjwdec73 said...

Those Gourmet to Gos are great - I've got a stash of them in the cupboard for when I've been too lazy to make lunch to take to work.