Monday, April 20, 2009

Mondays... don't ya just love em?

Sooooooooo didn't feel like getting up this morning... alarm going off at 5:20am, raining and cold outside and a lovely snuggly husband lying peacefully next to me. It was all I could do not to roll over and turn that alarm off for an extra half an hour of sleep. But no, not me... I dragged (and I mean DRAGGED) myself out of bed and, half asleep, got my butt to the gym only to have the gym staff sleep in and not open the doors until 10 past 6! I mean, how rude! So my pump class was cut 15 mins short...

but.. you know what?

I actually thought, in the back of my head, as I was squatting with 14kg on my back....

... I'm really glad I made the effort...

I love when I think like that!

Fill time in 2 more days... can't freaking wait!

Good luck to KLM today who get's her first fill..... now the fun really begins!

Oh, I've also entered in the 8km fun run mother's day classic.... very excited... first time I've done the 8km walk. It will be my 4th year in the event, but the first at 8km. I want to be able to run some of it, but I'll see how I go because my back still gets sore if I do too much high impact exercise.

Anyhoo, hope you all have a happy Monday!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Good luck for the 8km run - I will be at the domain one although there won't be any running involved in mine LOL maybe next year?? :-)

klm said...

Thanks for the wishes - must of worked as all went well. The local hadn't quite hit when he stuck the needle in so second time was much better. 5.5mL in there now. I was SO surprised to find out they'd put 5mL in there during surgery!

Now - hats off to you lovie for getting yourself out of bed in this weather and so early in the morning to go to Pump. I'm truly impressed also by 14 freaking kgs that you're squatting. WOW!

Hope everything goes great on Wednesday and yes, Dr T is a real sweetheart. He's really interested in people and he's someone I could trust straight away. Very happy with him!

P.S. I'll sign up for the Mothers Day Classic today too - 8kms here we come!

April said...

Hey! I am a fellow bandster too and I am glad I found your blog! Although it means very little to me because I'm from America and have NO idea how to gauge kg's. lol

But congrats on the weight loss! I got banded in Dec...and just got a fill that has ACTUALLY done something for me!

Oh, and don't you love it when you're on a workout high? It's my fave!

Diz said...

Nice!!! Good job on making the effort. It's so hard to leave a warm bed, but the feeling of doing something that good for you is worth it.

mp said...

hey..I am a fellow lap band at it though...can i link your blog to mine, and vise versa? thanks..and good luck!! :)

GF said...

Good for you getting out of bed and making it to the gym. That's HALF the battle right there. ;)

Can't wait to hear more about the 8km run!!

mjwdec73 said...

Wow - congrats on getting out of bed - this week has been reallllllly hard to do that.