Friday, April 17, 2009

When you put your mind to it...

It's been less than a week and I'm already down nearly a kilo! Amazing what you can do with a bit of hard work and exercise.

I went to melbourne yesterday for work (a very quick day trip!). I got upgraded to Business class on the way down, which was COOL. I had brought some food with me for the day and so (very self-righteously) I ate my cut up orange and packet of vita wheat snacks while all around me were having this toasted cheese sandwich thing that smelled amazing. Then they brought out danishes... I declined and it felt goooooood. For lunch I had a vegemite sandwhich... I only had half, and had the other half during the taxi ride back to the airport. On the plane home, instead of the cheese and salami hot muffin thingy, I had half an apple. Go Me! I wanted to keep my food in check yesterday as I wasn't going to be exercising that day.. I had a small portion of butter chicken when I got home for my dinner, but even with that I didn't go over 1200 cals for the day which was great.

I've just calculated that if I want to be at 75kg, then my BMR (basal metabolic rate) is at around 1500 cals. Now (at 91.5kg) my BMR is at 1700cals. So, I've got to start eating like I'm already at my goal weight of 75kg. If I exercise then great! Extra calories to play with. I've also been reading that it's not a good idea to "save" any additional calories.. like you might think it's a good idea to only eat 1200 cals cos then you save 300 cals and lose wieght faster... but I think that your body goes into a starvation mode so eating what you have rightfully been allowed is a good thing.. I'm going to discuss this with my Fill doctor when I next see him.

I am a little tight today and concerned that I don't really need a fill. I've been drinking diet cordial and it just seems to be sitting on my band and not going through. Granted I have been sitting down most of the day today at work... I had a cup of noodle soup for lunch which took AGES to eat, and then I chewed through less than half a vegemite and cheese sandwich at my desk later on.. not sure what the go is... but at least I'm not feeling hungry!!!
I was looking forward to a Thai stir Fry tonight from the local take away shop cos I haven't had one of those in Oh So Long!! And I figured since I'm a little looser than normal I'd have it before I got filled again and couldn't eat all the delish crunchy vege.. but now I'm not so sure that I'll be able to eat it!!...

Happy Friday peoples!!

LBG xx

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Nola said... certainly have done your sums!! I really must try and wrap my head around calories etc....I can see from you that it works!! Well done on the plane trip and resisting that food!!...awesome