Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nervous = Tight Band

Food for me yesterday was a complete write off. I started my new job and maybe it was the newness of it all, but food and my band were complete enemies... I started off with a Pump class in the morning at 6am (go me!).. then bought a v-drink (sugar free) on the way to work for a little energy.. Didn't end up eating until 11am, at which time I was actually quite hungry.. so had a few bites of an apple.. Lunch was soon after that (around 12:15) and I was still full from my apple, so the few bites I had of my ham and salad wrap made it's reappearance at my new work's downstairs toilet bowl. I had a couple of walnuts and a cup of tea mid afternoon. Dinner was a slow cooked beef, mushroom, carrot and kumera mash - only managed half a cup of the kumera mash and maybe 1 piece of beef.. Not a good day food wise!!

Today I've already been to a spin class this morning (6:15am go me!!) and I am going to have a protein shake for breakky (250 cals, 30g protein).. I've got some strawberries, an apple, some yoghurt and a small packet of popcorn for lunch/snacks during the day.. Dinner tonight will be fish and vege..

Not much to report on the job front... spent the day getting used to the systems and meeting all the people... I found out I'll be part of the "senior management" team... which is kind of exciting, because I've never been high enough on the food chain to be part of any management team... funny thing is, is that my new boss has the same title as me.. but she's got a few more years experience up her sleeve.. Oh... and... I'm going to China next month (how exciting!!) and Germany in September!!! How so super exciting!!!

Ok, gotta run... gotta get to work!! Have a fabulous day!!

LBG xx


www.fatgirlslim.com.au said...

I wanna go to China... and Germany...


L x

klm said...

Yay.. senior management team AND two o/s trips this year. That's going to be fantastic! You've compeltely landed on your feet with this job.. well done!!

Hope your band is behaving a bit better today. Am appreciating all your advice!!!!

Gotta dash.. have a date with the blender. *LOL*

klm.. xo

Janine said...

so good that youa re enjoying the first few days at your new job. i can imagine that the band is a little tighter being nervous. I am sure that will settle down.

GF said...

Congrats on starting the new job! I'm sure you'll get use to things soon enough.

My LB gets VERY tight when I get nervous/stressed.

Hang in there, it'll all balance out -- good for you getting your gym time in!

Keep it up :)

Nola said...

All that early morning exercise....I'm impressed!! This job sounds fantastic!!..Germany, China.....wow

mjwdec73 said...

I wanna go to Germany - please give my love to Berlin and Munich