Friday, April 3, 2009

Last day..

Last day at my job today. Monday I start at my new job... very very excited!

We all went out for lunch to celebrate (or commiserate) our last day. I ordered a rocket, pumpkin, beetroom, walnut and feta salad. Sounds delish right? Well it was... all 2 mouthfuls of it.. and it didn't taste that great coming up either.. so all I managed was half a glass of diet coke!!

I've had a great week with my exercise.

Monday: Step 600cals
Tuesday: Spin 500 cals
Wednesday: Boxing 600cals
Thursday: Pump and 20mins cardio 500 cals

So far so good!

Tonight is going to be a a big night as we're going out after work for drinks. I dont plan on having a big one as I couldn't be bothered with the hangover, to be honest. I also want to get to the gym tomorrow if possible. My legs and chest are pretty sore from pump yesterday so I want to give them a workout and get them moving.

OK, that's all from me today. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

LBG xx

3 comments: said...

what an exciting time for you...!

good luck with your new job - and you have done AMAZINGLY with your excersize!

(hopefully I can be that disciplined... lol ...)

L x

GF said...

Best of luck to you at your new job!

Enjoy your weekend and don't stress too much about a new place of employment ;)

Nola said...

Good luck with the new job on Monday!!