Saturday, January 3, 2009

Off to a great start!

January is going to be my month for detoxing... and no, that doesn't mean that I'm going to go on some sort of liver cleansing journey and drink only Lemon Water for the next week. It means that I'm going to concentrate on eating whole foods and limiting things like Alcohol and sweeteners and processed crap in my diet. I'm also going to focus on drinking heaps of water, and try to get into green tea a bit more. Goal weight loss for this month is 2kg.

So far so good. I went and did an hour spin class this morning as well as 15 mins on the cross trainer, so I am well and truely exercised out for the day. Actually I had quite a bit of energy after the class and wasn't feeling wiped which was great! Burnt 875 cals with an average HR of 147bpm. Excellent!

I also did a big shop at the fruit and vege shop and picked up some fabulous foods such as roasted pepitas, mixed baby salad leaves, lemons, a seed mix to sprinkle on salads, good quality parmesan, adhuki beans and lentils. I'm going to make a vegetable and lentil bake tomorrow night for dinner... I've made it before and it was fucking awesome... my husband even liked it!!

Yesterday for lunch we went to Many Beach, to a lovely cafe on the beach side. I had an entree sized sashimi of salmon and swordfish and a small side salad full of herbs. OMG the tastes were amazing. The Sashimi had this seasame sour dressing with a tiny amount of whole egg mayo for dipping and the salad had this devine subtle vinigarette on it. I ate 3/4 of the sashimi (as it's pretty slippery so pretty easy to get down as long as I chewed) and around 4 mouthfuls of the salad. FUCKING AMAZING!! I made a very conscious effort to chew small bites until it was liquid before swallowing. Lettuce takes on a different flavour when it is chewed to a pulp.. it almost tastes peppery! Interesting!

Hope your 2009 has started off as well as mine!

LBG xx

P.S Weight on 1st Jan was 88.6kg, Weight today is 88.0kg. so down 600g already. Excellent!


Bridget said...

Well done girl!! I'm joining in- just got off the treadmill. Going to focus on exercise, water and fruits and veggies this month. Will be watching your blog closely for inspiration!!

Diz said...

Salmon sashimi is my absolute favorite!!! Sounds like the year is starting off well. I'm so happy for you!