Thursday, January 15, 2009

Being Lazy..

So I've got an appointment with my wonderful fill doctor on 27th January and I'm actually starting to wonder if I should go. My weight has pretty much been the same since my last appointment back in October and I know my doctor will be a little disappointed. I know why my weight hasn't moved. Mostly to do with Christmas and Holidays, but I really haven't been doing all that well with my food intake.

At the moment I really couldn't be bothered. I think that I'm being a bit lazy with my food choices because I couldn't be bothered "working the band". I'd prefer to have a "slider food" rather than something that I have to work at eating and I know will fill me up at a smaller portion. I would have a protein shake for breakfast and be hungry by 10:30am and looking for food. I'd have crackers with cheese instead of cut up vegetables or fruit for snacks because I worry about whether or not I will be able to handle the skins on the fruit or fiberous veges. I wouldn't have much for lunch because I can't eat quickly while I'm arround my colleagues so it would be a few crackers and a can of tuna or some other lunch meat and so then would be hungry by mid afternoon and be raiding the biscuit barrel. By the time I get home from work I'm hungry so I tuck into the cheese and crackers which keep me full for around an hour until dinner is ready. Couple that with a glass of wine while making dinner. Dinner consisted of mostly easy to eat carbs with loads of sauce like curry with rice, risotto, mashed potatos with mince, lots of mince based dinners like shepherds pie, nachos and chili con carne. So you can see that I was never really testing the band.. just eating easy foods but then getting hungry and eating easy (aka junk) foods to get me through to the next meal. I've also noticed that my portion sizes of these easy foods are creeping up. I am able to eat 2 cups of mashed potato or 1.5 cups of rice. And another thing, I would eat the carbs first with the meat (which was usually mince or fish or something easy to eat) and then if I was "full" I wouldn't finish the veges.

Instead of an optifast/optislim shake for breakky today I'm having 30g of saltana bran with skim milk... I've had 4 small mouthfuls and I am soooooo full. I have half a punnet of blueberries and a yoghurt as a snack and half an avocado and a can of tuna for lunch - and I'm going to get a bakers delight cape seed roll to have with it and see how I go. I have a packet of vitawheat snacks for a snack incase I get hungry in the afternoon.

Anyway, I have an appointment with fill doctor on 27th Jan and I'm wondering if I should go. I know what I'm doing wrong and definitely don't need a fill at the moment... I'm thinking I might change my appointment to later on in the year to give me a chance to give it a good go.

What does everyone think?

LBG xx

P.S. Thank goodness I've kept up my exercise during this time otherwise I'd be screwed!!!


brent said...

yeah, good plan. I think you've come up against the real truth of lap-banding - that the band isn't going to do the work for you, it just makes it easier to make those good decisions.

I think you make a good case - get your snacking habits addressed first then look at changing the band, otherwise you'll get no benefit anyway.

Nola said...

I agree with Brent. I am learning from you!! Maybe go and just get half a ml or something? But work on eating the hard foods too:)

Diz said...

I think Brent is on to something...go with your heart. You know what to do.

Bunny said...

Considering the 16th Jan post, I reckon you dont need a fill. It was only taking me 20 mins to eat a sandwich, so probably upping the 'hard' foods and losing the sauces will be enough to get you back on track. I am so like you and just opt for easy foods when I cant be arsed, so I am glad you suggested for me to try a 'harder' diet. for me, the harder diet didnt make a difference and therfore I new I needed a fill up, but if you dont have to pay for the appointment, it might be worth goign to see them anyway and see what they say and just get a band check up and aspiration etc? Also might get your butt back into gear ;o)


mjwdec73 said...

I think you should go. Putting the appointment off will just make it harder next time. You might just get the extra kick in the bum you need (and if you do, please pass it on!!). He might have some more suggestions for you too.

Use the professionals - you know your body best, but they can sometimes give you new ideas.