Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!!

Just coming home from my short trip away. Waiting at the airport for my flight. have had 2 mouthfuls of cereal and am full, which is awesome!

I flew up on Friday afternoon, and I had the most freaking yummiest salad I've had in a long time! I made sure I ate it really slowly, but it was actually quite a bandit friendly salad. I want to ring Qantas and ask them for the recipe!! hehe

Here is what I think it in the Salad:
Tuna (in spring water)
some sort of white bean mix - I could see Chick Peas, white beans and butter beans - I'm sure you can get them all canned
Chopped dill and some lemon dressing that was mixed into the tuna - this is what made it so freaking delicious!!
Baby Cos
Baby Spinach
Finely chopped Tomato
Finely chopped spanish onion
And this gorgeous lemon dressing - again adding to the deliciousness of it

I was in tastebud heaven... I'm definitely going to make it sometime this week.. I'll let you know how my version goes!!

Anyhoo, today is Australia Day... I'm going to a picnic this afternoon with some friends.. but other than that, just making my way home today.

Oh, I did get approval for my trip to Taipei and Seoul, so looks like I'll be leaving next Sunday for 3 weeks. I am really excited, but nervous as well. I'm excited because it's a bit of an adventure, I've never been to either place, so very excited about that. Nervous because I've never been to either place, so it will all be new to me... also nervous because I don't have much control over what food is on offer - my only saving grace will be that because it is winter over there, I have a feeling there will be alot of soups available... I can't do noodles or dumplings or anything like that, and sometimes I can eat rice... so I think I'll be living mostly off soups. I will pack some optifast shakes and my shaker so I have another option. Actually, it's funny - when I travel like this I mostly lose weight because I don't eat - I don't have a routine or access to many of the foods I like (and can get down). On the flip side, I don't have my exercise routine going.. must remember to take my gym stuff on this trip and try and get to the hotel gym a few times during the weeks I am there.

OK, my flight has been called. Happy Aussie Day!!!

LBG xx

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Nola said...

That salad does sound nice!! I have made your beetroot one a few times now too! Your trip will be exciting...I will look forward to your updates while you are there! Taking optifast as a backup is a bloody good idea!!