Friday, January 9, 2009

Delish Salad Discovery

I made a fabulous salad discovery last night at Sumo Salad. It's the pumkin and pinenut combo. It's got mixed lettuce, cucumber, walnuts, feta, pinenuts and pumpkin. I also added some avocado and had a light french dressing... YUM. I ordered a small and only got through half of it. Chewed really well and got full full full without wanting to PB. Bloody beautiful.

Did have ice cream last night. 2 bowls... what's with that?!?! Rest of the day was good though. Had an optifast for breakky, piece of cheese mid morning, some cucumber and carrots sticks and a can of tuna for lunch and around 30g peanuts for afternoon tea.

Gym tonight and tomorrow will be 8:30am spin class.

Have a great weekend all!

LBG xx


Diz said...

That salad sounds yummy. Wonder if I can duplicate it??? Ice cream is my total downfall. I can admit it...I am Ice Cream's bitch. Damn it!

Bridget said...

That salad sound delish! I've started on the salad train at lunchtime. Im hoping I can keep it up!!

Nola said...

I am salivating reading about that salad!! I wish we had places like that here....although, I could probably make a version of that myself. I just brought a punnet of blueberries today!...delicious

Danielle said...

I am enjoying your stories, and are proud of you...Danielle (33 years old) the process of LB for March 2009.

mjwdec73 said...

That salad sounds soooooooooooooooo yum. I just wish I could do lettuce. Doesn't matter how hard I chew it, it always refuses to stay put. Stupid thing is that now it can come up on its own and leave everything else behind. Weird. Thank goodness for spinach - might have a play with that variation.