Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday 18th November 2008 - Food and Exercise Diary

Today was another good day with food and exercise:

6:15am - Spin Class (burnt 550cal)
9:00am - Hazelnut Latte with Skim Milk (150cal)
10:30am - 30g mixed raw nuts (150cal)
12:30am - 2 rice cakes with avocado, turkey, sliced tomato and feta (200 cal)
3:00pm - 1 tea with skim milk (20 cal)
4:00pm - 1 cup popcorn (100 cal)
6:00pm - 1 tea with skim milk (20 cal), 10 chewy soft lollies (100cal)
7:00pm - 1.5 cups Potato and Leek soup (300 cal)
9:00pm - 200mL freshly squeezed Watermelon Juice (100cal)

Total Cals Consumed: 1140cals
Total Cals Burnt: 550cals

Not a bad effort yesterday eh? The watermelon juice I had just before bed was sooooooooo good. So refreshing. I made it with heaps of ice and it was just gorgeous. My new favourite drink I think!! Didn't really feel like breakky yesterday - never do after a spin session, yet today after my workout I was really hungry. Tucking into some fresh watermelon as I type this.

Nothing much else to report at the moment. The weather in Sydney is pretty crap at the moment. With only 11 days until summer it's wet and cold at only 21 degrees today.. Like what the?

Have a good hump day!

LBG xx

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Cat McKenzie said...

You have such a good balance in your day between exercise and food. You aren't starving yourself, you're eating healthily and you're doing some great exercise. You're also giving me some really good ideas for eating well. Thanks for the inspiration.