Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As you know, I have kept very private about the fact that I have a lapband.. and now I'm in a situation where one of my family members may actually find out about it. I can't go into it too much as I don't know who reads this blog, but there is a small chance that my secret could be revealed.

I won't be too upset if this family member does find out, what I will be upset with is if she tells other family members.
1. Because it's a breach of my privacy (to do with accessing medical records)
2. I'd want to hope that this family member would come to me first and talk to me about it, rather than just going straight to other family members and telling them what she has found out about me.

Still not ready to let my secret go... not sure why. I'm not ashamed of it. I think I'm ashamed of the fact that in the almost 2 years that I've had the band I've only lost 20kg. Yeah, I know... ONLY. How silly is that thinking!! Considering so many good things have happened to me since my operation, my health, my weight, my fitness, my self-esteem, my relationships have ALL improved... why should I be ashamed of that?

That's all from me today. Thanks for reading!

LBG xx


Melanie said...

I hope your decision not to advertise your lapband is respected - perhaps the person won't find out after all?

Melanie said...

Hope it works out okay

celtic_girl said...

I know how you feel, I also did not want tell my larger extended family only my immediate family. I'm sorry I even told them now as the word has spread(I was Lapbanded last Friday) now the phone is ringing off the hook.

Bridget said...

Any loss is a good loss. Would you go back and not have the band? No way! Like you said, think of not just the physical but all the emotional and mental changes. Brillance! Be proud! I''m proud of you.

Bel said...

I think 20kg in 2 years is brilliant!

One of the things that had always made me turn my nose up at lapbanding was the rapid weight loss and loose saggy skin (my own lack of research). Now I'm looking at having it done!


Cat McKenzie said...

Firstly, 20 kilos is absolutely fantastic but really it's not the measure you should be looking at. I think sometimes we focus too much on what the scales tell us. I read your blog, and I have to say it's never your weight loss in numbers that I look at, it's the story you tell about what you can do now in your life and how good you feel and how happy you are. God, look at the different in the photos of you. You look amazing.

So yes, you are being silly, although we all do it, so don't feel bad. We all focus too much on those damn numbers.

You are doing amazingly well. Be proud of yourself and continue to inspire us all.