Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday 10th November - Food and Exercise Diary

Yesterday was a day I just couldn't get full! Those differences in days are totally crazy. The night before I had the same meal and puked it up after 2 mouthfuls, yet yesterday I ate it no problems. Anyhoo, here we go:

6:00 - Berocca Performance
7:30 - 45 mins treadmill (455 cals burnt) - Water 500mL
10:00 - Celebrity Slim Shake and 5 shapes (250 cal), Water 200mL
11:00 - Coffee, 5 brazil nuts and 20g pepitas (250cal), Water 200mL
12:45 - 2 rice cakes, 2 slices turkey breast, 1 tbsp cottage cheese, 1 tbsp Hummus (200 cal)
3:00 - 40g peanuts, 1 tub yoghurt, 2 strawberries, Coffee (370 cal), Water 300mL
7:30 - 2 tbsp Kumera and Chive Mash, 1/2 cup mince, 30g grated cheese (300 cal), Water 500mL
8:30 - 1 icey pole (40 cal)

Total Cals consumed - 1410
Total Cals burnt - 450
Total Cals - 960

I ate so often yesterday, it was nuts! I couldn't get full... today has been better.. I had my shake 1.5 hours ago and I'm only now starting to get a little hungry. A coffee will settle that. I've made myself a lovely salad with baked beetroot for lunch today, and I did a fab spin class this morning, so feeling pretty good!

Tell me what you think of my food diary... I look forward to your comments on that.. be BRUTALLY honest!

Thanks all for your wonderful comments on my blog! It's so great to have my cheer squad... Even though I haven't lost weight in the past few months, I haven't felt better!

LBG xx


Melanie said...

I'm no dietician but the training I had in nutrition long ago when I was a nurse would indicate that it looks pretty balanced. Calorie-wise it looks fine. I'm confused as to why you're having a Celeb SLim shake and not a weetbix or muslie bar - same or less cals but more fibre and bulk? The nuts and pepitas are fab nutritionally I believe but are very calorie dense - maybe cut back to one serve a day? Overall though it looks fine, especially given your exerice. Mel

Melanie said...

Just thought of another thing - that water is happening before you eat and not right after you eat isn't it?

Bridget said...

Im addicted to nuts...
wait, did that sound MA rated?
I always think about food intake but Im not going down the Cal/Kj road. Thats the reason I was banded, not to do that. But I totally get it, plateau hits and its a goer. I think good work!

smiles said...

Hey LBG, I found your blog through another blog. Kudos to you for your fab journey so far, I admire your dedication to your blog. I've almost read from start to now!
I decided last week to get a referral from my GP to see a surgeon. So reading your and other blogs has been really comforting and informative. I see the surgeon on the 25th Nov. Am nervous and excited. I have about 70kg to lose. My only regret seeing all these success stories with the band, is that I didn't get mine 8 years ago when I had my gallbladder out! Oh well. Keep up the great work.