Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday 11th November - Food and Exercise Diary

Morning Peeps!

Yesterday was a funny day for food. I didn't do well with lunch, so ended up just having a couple of biscuits as my lovely Beetroot salad didn't like my band. I was also rushed for lunch, so maybe the fact that I was eating quickly and not chewing properly could have been the reason. Such a shame because I was looking forward to that lunch! Luckily, I have most of it saved from yesterday, so I'm going to have it today for lunch!

So here's my diary for yesterday:

6:15am: Spin Class 45 mins (550cal burnt)
7:15am: Berocca Performance
8:30am: Celebrity Slim Chocolate Shake (200 cal)
10:15am: 40g peanuts, 1 coffee (150 cal)
1:00pm: 2 biscuits (200 cal)
3:00pm: 2 biscuits, 1 tea (200 cal)
5:30pm: 3 marshmallow things covered in chocolate (300 cal)
7:30pm: 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup vegetable Korma (400 cal)
9:00pm: 1 icey pole (40cal)

Calories Consumed: 1640
Calories Burnt: 550
Total Calories: 1090

Not too bad.. but not good either. Thanks for your comments so far! I was asked why I have a liquid breakfast and not something like cereal or a cereal bar. I've never been a big breakfast person, and I don't feel like breakky straight after I exercise in the morning. I'm a big fan of Brunch however! I know that with the shakes I'm getting a great injection of proteins, carbs and fats in a shake option, but it definitely doesn't fill me up like cereal does! On the weekends I do have things like eggs, baked beans and toast (1/2 a piece!). The shakes are convenient and tasty during the week when I'm at work, but I think I might try the cereal option next week. Truth be told, I actually haven't found a healthy cereal that I like.. I love Crunchy Nut! But that's totally not an option cos it's so full of sugar! Dammit!! :)

Another question was, do I drink before or after meal - definitely before! I usually have a drink handy with me the whole day and I'm constantly filling up my water bottle.

And Bridget, you are right, we shouldn't really be counting the calories when we're banded, as the band should take all that guess work away from us, but when you're stuck on a plateau, desparate times call for desparate measures eh?

Peace Out!

LBG xx

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Nola said...

Don't suppose you would mind sharing your beetroot salad recipe? I love beetroot and would love to know what you do. I can't even think of a cereal I like that is without too much sugar! I am a porridge girl if I have breakfast at all.