Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday 20th November 2008 - Food and Exercise Diary

Yesterday was pretty much a write off with food and exercise! It started off well, and went down hill from there...

6:30am - Berocca Performance
9:00am - 1 bowl porridge, made on skim milk with fresh blueberries (150cal)
11:00am - 1 cup popcorn, 1 coffee (150 cals)
1:00pm - 1/2 Avocado, 1 packet vita wheat grain snacks (200cals)
3:00pm - 10 crackers, 30g Labne Dip, 15 lollies (400cal)
5:00pm - 10:00pm - 3 risotto balls, 2 feta triangles, crackers with dip, 1 bottle champagne... (can't even begin to work out the damage done!!)

No exercise :(

Absolutely crap all fruit and vegetables... just terrible! So today I'm having yoghurt, fruit salad, coleslaw, raw nuts and wholewheat crackers. Last night I was having bubbles with some girlfriends... bubbles make food go down a whole lot easier! We ended up polishing off a whole bottle of champers each!!! I must admit, I had a great time... and didn't give a crap about what I was eating... I really enjoyed myself.

Thank goodness it's friday! It's been another mad week..

Love to all

LBG xx

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Nola said...

That's the trick....just keep on going as normal the next day! Glad you had a great night anyway:) We all need to let go and have those occasionally!!