Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank God that bloody election is over!!

Farking hell... how many people are totally sick to death of the bloody American Election? Fuck me, I don't even live in the country and I'm totally over it. Thank God they made a decision and picked a new president. Now the rest of the world can stop rotating around America and America can get off it's pedistal and actually start dealing with the issues that are consequently affecting the rest of the world i.e. the massive fuck-ups on Wall Street and the war in Iraq.

I just wonder how long it's going to take before someone tries to pull a gun and make more history by killing off our first Black American Mr President!!

Enough Ranting! I don't want to dedicate any more of my blog to that stupid country!

I was in Adelaide yesterday and the day before. Eating was OK.. I ordered a Wonton Soup for dinner, and didn't get much down. It was delicious though. Lunch was snacky type things - yoghurt, fruit salad and a chocolate bar. The only hot food being served at the cafeteria were pies, sausage roles and pasties... no good for bandits... !

Exercise has been excellent this week. Monday was a gym sesssion, Tuesday I went for a run/walk on the treadmill at the hotel gym, Wednesday I was travelling and busy for most of the day so had a rest day, and Today I was at the gym in the morning for 45 mins.

Not sure how my weight loss is going, as I haven't weighed myself in a while (I'm boycotting the scales at the moment!!).. but clothes are feeling good , I feel good! :)

Much love xxx


P.S. no offence to my American readers! But imagine if you had the majority of your TV channels covering an election that isn't even about your own country! We didn't have this much coverage when we changed over prime minister last year!!!


Jeanna said...

Hi lapbandgirl,

I'm a fellow bander and an American, and I couldn't agree more. Geesh! Finally that dang election is done with. Can we please get on with life? I didn't care who won, let's just get this country back in order already!!!

Thanks for letting me vent, and your pics look terrific!! Congrats on all your success.

a fellow bander-turned off by the stupid u.s. election!! said...

you went to adelaide and you didn't catch up with me!


L xo

Nola said...

Yes....on every bloody channel!!!! I am glad that Obama won it though...I think he probably has more fuel left in his tank than the other guy!! Boy, you are doing a fantastic job!! Using the hotel gym....go girl !!

mjwdec73 said...

I think I'm addicted to exercise. There, I've said it. Your exercise sounds fantastic, especially with the travelling. It really does give me more to aspire to.

Nice move boycotting the scales - clothes are a wonderful thing to rely on.

PS Was there an election - I hadn't noticed ;)

brent said...

They've already caught two

Anonymous said...

E.. you make me Laugh.... Sitting at work on friday night waiting for the Londoners to start work so I can talk to them.... Will miss you in Cycle tomororw .. MAN your pic looks great, I told you ditch the loose clothes and go for it girl.. Kxx

Liz said...

Firstly i would like to say congratualtions on your weight loss and wedding.

I am due to have my lapbad done on the 13 Nov. Reading through your blog from you day 1 pre operation has been very helpful and given me a better understanding of what i might expect.

my only main worry i have had is about excess skin from the weight reducing. do you find this has been an issue for yourself, or due to your exercise this has keep your sking tight?

I think your loss is a sensible reduction per month and hope i too can do the same.

Thanks for your honest blog and your great achievements so far.


Diz said...

Uh...try living in this Country (which I dearly love and am extremely patriotic) and being subjected to election crap for over two farking years!!! Americans need to pass a law that says they can't start doing election stuff till a year ahead. I am so exhausted by the whole thing. I could go for some wonton soup right now...always makes me feel better.