Friday, August 1, 2008


My mother-in-law has end stage lung cancer and last night she was rushed to the emergency department because of an acute shortness of breath. So we went in last night and left just after midnight, after making sure she was a little more comfortable and settled in for the night. Today she woke up with mild confusion, not knowing where she is and because there were no familiar faces around her she was getting quite anxious and did not want to take her medications. She finally calmed down after a visit from a few doctors who have spent the past months treating her and seeing her on a regular basis. She's now been accepted into Respite care and was admitted today. How long she will stay for now, I don't really know. I was googling the signs and symptoms of end-stage lung cancer and she has alot of them now - SOB, rapid heart rate, moments of delirium, tiredness, pain etc ... the list is pretty endless.. part of me wants this to be over... because she's so uncomfortable and is so scared.

My husband and I are both tired of dropping everything to take the 40 minute drive to the hospital just to sit in silence and stare at him mum while she breaths noisily into an oxygen mask and then watch how anxious and depressed his dad gets. We normally get the call in the evening, and spend our evening in the car or at the hospital. Each trip costs us over $20 in tolls and then around $20 in parking and we usually don't get home until late. Just this week, we've been to see her three times!! So draining... emotionally and physically.

Can definitely see the emotional eating monster rearing its ugly head. That and the fact that TTOM is coming up next week... I've been drowning my sorrows in the fun sized chocolate bars like nobody's business... I've had 4 maltesers and 2 milky way bars. I don't even think the calorific intake for all that chocolate would add up to one full sized chocolate bar... but I feel like a pig!!!

Enough procrastinating... I need to go home and then get to the hospital...

Have a great weekend everyone.. and cherish your health :)

LBG xx

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