Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I blew it!

I think I'm going to have to start back tracking my food intake on CK as I totally blew it last night with my food intake.

Yesterday I had a shocker with food. I was so freaking tight I barely drank my coffee in the morning, struggled through a few rice crackers, lunch was a half eaten soup half of which ended up in the toilet. Mid afternoon I had a packet of mamee noodles which totally didn't sit right with me and ended up in the sink, so by dinner time I felt totally drained and in NEED of food. My husband asked that I cook nachos for dinner. I make up the mince but add extra veges like capsicum, mushrooms, onions and tomato to make it semi-healthy. My husband just has the corn chips, mince and cheese. I put myself a cup of the mince, around 25g of the chips and added a dolop of sour cream and some guacamole which I had made up. Perfect size for me, ate it in 30-40 mins. And then I had a choc wedge ice-cream at 163 calories, then a Jarrah hot chocolate with 4 marshmallows (and a couple extra marshmallows as I was making it). So ended up eating a little more than I should have last night!!

Today I'm struggling through a bowl of quick oats, but at least I'm not hungry and it's nice and soft for me to get down!! I have cruskits with the left over guacamole, tomato, roast chicken slices and cottage cheese for lunch. Not sure how that will go... we'll see. Also plan to have a small latte in the afternoon and a mandarin if I can manage it. Dinner is going to be 1 rissole or a small piece of baked fish with a light batter on it, some steamed cauliflower and brocolli and 1 baby potato baked into wedges.

I am definitely going to start tracking my food intake into Calorie King. I found that I was alot more accountable with my food intake and calorie intake if I knew just how much I was eating. I'm also going to start measuring my food again just so I keep the portions in check.

Didn't make it to my spin class either this morning. My legs are so freaking sore from the pump class yesterday I looked like an old lady getting out of bed this morning (you all know what that's like right?!?!). Don't worry, I'm still going to the Abs Butts and Thighs Class at lunch time today. Its a good class and will help me to get my legs moving and hopefully get some blood circulating to get those nasty lactic acid toxins out of my thighs!!! Definitely loving the exercise though and will look forward to when I'm not hurting so much!! I'll also go to the gym after work today for a 30 min walk.

Still not drinking enough water either. We normally buy low joule cordial but my husband accidentally picked up the full sugar cordial which I have been drinking. God it tastes good, but at 100cal a glass I can't really afford to be drinking it. Thank goodness it's nearly all gone!!

OK, enough from me.

LBG xx


Diz said...

Welcome Back! Sounds like you had a fab time. It's so hard to get back to a routine once you let loose and have a little fun. Good luck with keeping your calorie count.

mjwdec73 said...

mmmmm ..... nachos. Yum! Sounds like you know what you need to do to keep on top of things - hope that lactic acid has left you now - ouch - I hate that feeling.