Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still very very tight!

I am really struggling with food these days. I'm even thinking about getting some fill taken out because I truely cannot eat. I've been PB'ing every day on things that I really should be able to get down - like mushed up egg, avocado, mince, sour cream. I had a coffee at 9am this morning.. I am still so full and I feel like there is someone sitting on my chest at the moment. I've been tempted to try and PB to get some relief, but I know that if I do, my stomach will get swollen and my band will be even tighter. So I've decided to go on liquids for the next couple of days to see if the band loosens up a bit.

To tell you the honest truth, part of me is loving the fact that I can't eat and therefore the weight is coming off... not quickly though. And I know that this is the wrong way to lose weight.. but it kinda does take pressure off me to choose the right foods and to eat properly - cos I can't really eat a damn thing!!! I am, however, very conscious of the types of food I am consuming, and am making sure that I am having protein first and then veges and fruit. I must admit, I do miss eating, and get sad when I know I can't have what I love to eat.. but that's what got me fat in the first place right?!?! And it's funny, because that Sad feeling only really is fleeting and I forget about it after a while. Not like before the band where there would be this gnawing inside you to eat and wouldn't go away until you had eaten. I can't remember the last time my stomach actually grumbled! Can you believe it?!?!

Did a wicked spin class this morning. I was totally in the zone and managed to burn almost 700cals in 45 mins! It did help that I had one of my favourite gym instructors cycling right next to me during the entire class... I couldn't go slow while she was right next to me, so I was going hell for leather the entire class... *phew*!!

I've got soup for lunch and a yoghurt drink for afternoon tea. Then cup a soup for dinner (while the rest of the family have chicken encheladas which I have to make them!! *pout*

Have a great day!

LBG xx

P.S I'm going to get my cholesterol / BP / BGL checked today... I'll post the results up. I'm excited ! I think they're going to be OK!!! :)


brent said...

you should totally be doing at least the 100km Around The Bay ride, you're like, fit.

mjwdec73 said...

Wow - that is seriously tight. Maybe give yourself a couple of weeks to unwind after all the tension of the last couple of weeks, and if you are stil so horrendously tight, get even 0.5 out. Hopefully that would make a difference and help you get some food down. You need to live too.

Nice work on the spin too - that is awesome!