Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sticking to liquids/mushies

I'm sticking to mostly liquids at the moment due to my horrendous band tightness at the moment. It definitely seems to be working and I'm finding that I don't have this chest tightness/heaviness. I've been drinking a white chocolate Jarrah this morning and it's been going down without too many problems. Over the past week in the morning I've barely been able to get down half a cup of tea in the mornings!!

Weighed in this morning at 85.9kg before doing a number 2!!! Don't think I'll get to the magical 85kg for my trip to Thailand on Friday, but I do love seeing the 85 on the scales these days! I figure I'm losing at the rate of around 1kg / month at the moment. While that's not very fast, with the exercise I am doing at the moment my body shape is definitely changing. I've noticed recently that my calves are alot more toned and when I flex/point my toes I can see the muscles moving about. I've also noticed that my skin on my tummy is getting alot looser and is starting to wrinkle a bit!!

So today I've got home made potato and zucchini soup for lunch, yoghurt for morning tea and a cup a soup for afternoon tea. I'm also planning to hit the gym for a lunchtime session.

2 more sleeps until Thailand!!

LBG xx

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mjwdec73 said...

Have a great time in Thailand - I think it is just the thing you need right now.

1kg a month is great - but your body changing so much is fantastic.