Monday, August 11, 2008

Tough weekend..

Friday was my mother-in-laws funeral. It was a lovely service, she would have absolutely loved it. Beautiful things were said about her and there was a good crowd there for support. It was then back to my parent's place for the wake... I was there all morning preparing sandwiches. With all this happening, I have been as tight as a cat's bum, maybe eating one meal a day and sticking mostly to liquids in the morning. I hardly ate anything on the Friday (except for a couple of chocolate biscuits cos they seem to go down so easy!) and so on Saturday the scales were exceptionally kind to me:

A great psychological achievement for me to see "85" on the scales as I feel like I'm nearly Halfway throught the 80's. It also means that I am now only 5.8kg away from being in the 70's!!!

Exercise this week was great considering I had relatives stay and the funeral on Friday:

Monday: Step Class

Tuesday: Spin Class and Abs Butts Thighs Class

Saturday: Spin Class

This week:

Monday: 6am Pump Class

Tuesday: 6:15am Spin Class

Wednesday: Cardio (Lunch)

Thursday: Travelling to Adelaide

Friday: 6am Cardio

Have a great week!

LBG xx

3 comments: said...

Well LBG, I am sorry for you and your husbands loss.

Have you sat and re read your blog from beginning to end? If not go back to your intro blog. Something I noticed.... you made a statement in your intro about being on every diet in the world and always regaining the weight (just to let you know that is my story as well and is probably everyones story who have decided to have this surgery) Anyway sorry i got lost there a second. As I read all of your blogs I had to get a Kg to pound converter to see what your progress has been.

One thing I noticed .... over the past 18 months you have not put back on one kilogram of weight.

That is so very inspirational to me. That is my goal to NEVER ever go up again on the scale.

I will continue to follow you and your progress.

again, I am sorry for your loss


mjwdec73 said...

Wow - 85 - congratulations. I'm sorry it happened for such a sad reason though.

Fingers crossed that you can start to get a feeling of normalcy over the next few weeks and your band settles down.

Bridget said...

I hope you are feeling better after your loss. A woman I work with today lost two people she loves. It really makes you reasses life...
Hope that your band is kinder to you this week!
I'm off to gym this week- back in the swing of things. You have inspired me!