Friday, May 9, 2008

Swallowing Razor Blades!

That's how my throat feels today. I feel fantastic... NOT and have taken the day off to rest up. I just don't want to talk to anyone (cos it freaking hurts too much). At least at home I can lie down when I want and watch some foxtel! I did promise work that I would work from home... but I don't think I'll be doing that much to be honest!

Really bummed that I got sick because I was planning a big exercise weekend.

I didn't go to body jam last night, I won't go to Pump today, Not sure how I'll feel tomorrow, but I was planning on a 3 class combo of Core/Spin/Pump all in a row (around 2.5 hours worth of exercise). If I am feeling better I will probably just do the Pump part of it, because my HR and breathing doesn't go up that much where as Spin I'll be coughing my guts up.. and Sunday is the Mother's Day Classic 4km walk/jog and then I was planning on going to a gym class with my sister in the afternoon... BUGGER!

On the plus side (not sure if there is a plus side to being sick..) but I'm feeling very restricted today due to the sickness, so won't be eating much today... and another plus side is that I am coming up to TTOM next week (so this week I should have put on some fluid weight) and I weighed in this morning at 89.1kg, so fingers are firmly crossed that next week I drop a good amount of weight once my period starts (which is usually the case). And by a good amount of weight I mean more than 500g!!!

Actually, before I go today, I wanted to share with you something that I was speaking to my Lapband Surgeon about on Tuesday. I was concerned that I wasn't eating enough, and that perhaps the reason why I was losing weight so slowly was because of my body going into some sort of starvation mode, shutting my metabolism down so that I'm not burning much of what I eat and hanging on to what it can. Which didn't make sense because I'm exercising at least 3 hours/week and burning alot of extra calories this way yet I'm dropping only around 1kg / month. I said to him that out of the research I had done, to maintain a weight of 68kg, which is my ideal weight, I need to be having around 1200kcal/day. He said this was wrong and that I should be having around 1000kcal/day which really surprises me...

Your thoughts here would be appreciated... should I really be aiming for 1000kcal/day?? That just seems so low!

One more thing, THANK YOU to everyone who pops in to read my blog. I know I have my regulars, some post their comments and some just drop by and catch up on how I'm doing!


LBG xx


Anonymous said...

He said this was wrong and that I should be having around 1000kcal/day which really surprises me...

I've heard the same conflicting information.

From doctors (a couple), I've heard that you should 10 calories per pound that you want to be at (convert that to 22 calories per kilo, I guess).

But my surgeon also told me to try to "keep it under 1000." I'm not sure of that was for good, or just while I was on liquids (which is when he told me that).

Personally, I've found that counting calories and keeping a food log doesn't really help me. I sort of guess-timate portions and eat generally healthier, better food choices (with the band helping to keep the portion size down).

Diz said...

I know with Kaiser (my HMO), the pre-banding diet is 1200 calories. Afterward, I'm not sure. I'll ask at my meeting with the surgeon though.

brent said...

honestly, I've often wondered about that. I'd be having trouble making it through the day on that much food - I'd be light headed and almost constant headaches... how do you make it through? (Is is just that you have had so much 'stored' energy??)

mjwdec73 said...

At no point have they ever given me a recommended calorie allowance. I never realised that til now. What I was given was suggested menu plans and numbers of each food group I should be eating. I must ask them next time I go in.

Oh, and 89.1 - way to go!