Friday, May 2, 2008

Not good enough??

When I went to my beautician to book in my next eye brow wax and eye lash tint, my beautician had been talking about me (and my band) to one of her clients (which I really don’t mind actually… ). The client was paying for her service and I was waiting at the counter to book mine in and she turned to me and asked me some questions about the surgery and how much weight I had lost. She was middle aged and I could tell that she had lost a lot of weight because she had gym pants on with a very obvious flap of loose skin hanging around her lower stomach. This lady told me that she had lost 30kg on her own, but was struggling because she was always hungry. She said that she just didn’t want to be hungry anymore. She said she was looking at getting the lap band surgery to loose the last of her weight and to help with keeping the weight off that she had already lost. This is how some of the conversation went:

Lady – so how much weight have you lost so far

Me – 26kg. 19kg with the lap band over 14 months

Lady – I’d be disappointed in that… I would want to lose more weight in that amount of time

Me – this is for life, I don’t mind how long it takes me.

Lady – I lost 30kg on my own, but I’m struggling to keep it off. I’m always so hungry

Me – I’m never hungry, I’m not interested in food anymore, it’s great

Lady – Well I’d still be disappointed if I only lost 19kg in 14 months.

I guess some people just don’t get it.

I weighed in this morning at 89.2kg. WooHoo! I’m 600g off my 20kg weight loss! Still on track to be 88.6kg for my doctors appointment on Tuesday!!!

Did you all watch biggest loser last night?? How FABULOUS did they all look. Someone who I was most impressed with was Sheridan. She looked absolutely fantastic. Another person who looked great was Michelle – who weighed in last night at just above my weight, and I thought she looked normal! I asked my other half if I looked like the contestants on the finale and he said yes!!... I’m thinking yeah right! I am soooooooooooo much fatter than that… Strange how I still see myself in my mind’s eye as fat… I wonder if I’ll ever get out of that way of thinking…

Have a great weekend!

LBG xx


mjwdec73 said...

Even your feet are looking skinny -cool! Funny how our beauticians always get to know about the band isn't it. I'm with you - I don't care how long it takes, I'd rather slower and healthier. I'm loving not being hungry too - being hungry just makes me cranky.

Missed biggest loser - aargh. I think I might be the tragedy who watches it online.

Bridget said...

Agreed- some people just don't get it. Apparently you are meant to wake up with the band and all your excess weight is meant to fall off!
I've been super hungry today and I'm hating it. I love the band for the days that I'm not hungry (not at right fill yet). It lets me live my life!!

Me said...

Geesh-that lady is the kind of lady that will be fat 6 months down the road while you are slim and sexy because you are doing it the right way, and in my eyes any amount of weight loss is a positive thing.

lori said...

Lap Band Girl,

You have a wonderful blog! Are we going to get to see before and after photos?

I have a study on my blog that was done with over 500 patients and discovers that people with a Lap Band are still losing weight six years out. Cool, huh?

Good luck with everything!