Monday, May 5, 2008

100g to go!!!...

… until I hit the 20kg lost mark since having my surgery! My appointment with the doctor is tomorrow and I’m hoping that on HIS scales I’m 88.6kg or below. That would be AWESOME! My next goal after that is 86kg, which will be 30kg lost since my heaviest ever weight…

I did a pump class this morning (yup, I was at the 6am class… *yawn*) and I was up the front of the class so I had full view of myself in the mirror. I was very pleased with what I saw… very pleased..

Yesterday I was not in the mood for eating. OK, correction, I was in the mood for eating, but my band wasn't… I had lunch and dinner plans yesterday which I knew weren’t going to go down very well (excuse the pun). I went into the city for lunch, and had to visit the toilet 3 times for a PB, then I got the hiccups while we were walking around the shop and had to go to the toilet and PB again to make the hiccups stop! By then, I was so sore that I didn’t want to eat anything… but had dinner with my parents. Mum had prepared the nicest roast beef, roast potatos, mashed potatos, Yorkshire puddings (a definite no), veges and gravy… I ate around 1/3 of the small plate she dished me and PB’d that up, and then had some ice cream and had to PB that up as well (ice cream… of all things!!). I felt very sore and very dehydrated, so I went to the shops and got myself a powerade which I drank and felt much better… I hate the days when I can’t keep anything down, but feel like I HAVE to eat which makes it worse.. one of the downsides of keeping this band a secret!

Happy Monday Everyone! Will post tomorrow with the results from my Dr’s visit and weigh in!!

LBG xx


Emma said...

Ugh. Stupid blogger - I posted a comment but it didn't like my wordpress account and I lost my comment! Here's a recap:

* You're amazing

* BL Finale was awesome

* PB sucks.

Sorry - I wrote more before but I can't be buggered retyping it!!

All the best,
Em :)

mjwdec73 said...

* 6am pump - that is awesome - you rock
* 100gms to go - yay!
* PBing = suckulous

Hanging to hear what the scales say tomorrow. Here's to 20kgs

Bridget said...

Wow! Awesome! Super! Amazing!
Can't wait to see what the scales say tomorrow!
Sorry to hear about a sucky food day :0(