Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

I did the Mothers Day Classic Fun Run today. Jogged/power walked 4km is 33mins 13 seconds. Go me!! I got my little medal and my bag full of goodies! Then it was out to brunch with my two girlfriends who I did the walk with and then back home before heading off to a Body Jam class with my sister this afternoon.

We went shopping at Paramatta Westfield's after the walk and I walked into "Events". A clothing shop that goes up to a size 16... Well, I tried on this cute cute cute little black dress... and the 16 was.... wait for it.... TOO FREAKING BIG!!! I had so much room up top it wasn't funny! I was standing there in the change room while my friend practically put her hand down my front to demonstrate how much room I had there! It took me a while to kind of realise what on earth was going on... that I... could potentially be on the cusp of another size change... a 14? Me? Never... I'm going to have to go away and totally digest this one... I also tried on a size 16 in a gorgeous white jacket with the big buttons... totally cute... and I think that I could of pulled off the size 14. At $239 I am slightly tempted to go back and get it.... One bad thing about losing weight (ok, it's not that bad), is that shopping actually becomes alot of fun and you enjoy trying clothes on. I used to be the girl who used to watch her friends try on clothes and I would pretend to flick through the clothing racks trying to be interested but internally thinking "nothing in this store will fit me... ". It is an amazing feeling.... I really do enjoy clothes shopping now!

Anyhoo, Happy Mothers Day!

LBG xx


Bridget said...

Go you!!! Amazing job! Fun run AND gym class!! Wow!!
Congrats on size 14!! I know when I'm there I will be so stoked! A few more sizes to go..

mjwdec73 said...

Well done - that is a great time for 4km. Can't wait to hear what you do it in next year. On the cusp of a 14 - sooooooo exciting. I was so that person shopping too, until my friends would take pity on me and say they wanted to go to My Size. Can't wait to never go there again.