Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Dress Fitting!

I've booked in for my first wedding dress fitting on Saturday 17th May. HOW EXCITING! I've got a good 2 weeks to work my butt off at the gym and work on my diet so that I can ensure that I get the best fitting possible, because after that I'm really not allowed to lose anymore weight before the wedding...

.... *ppppppffffffffttttttt*...

They say that the bride loses the most weight the month before the wedding... and that's without a band! I'm sure I'll have extra tightness due to my increasing stress levels!!

My colleague yesterday commented on how slowly I eat. I was sipping on a Celebrity Slim Soup and she said "It kills me to see you eat so slowly!". She went on to say "I just want to force feed you, you eat so slowly". It takes me around 20 mins to drink a mug of soup... I just shrugged at her and smiled and said that "I've always been a slow eater". If only she knew! I used to inhale my food! Now I can barely finish a cup of soup! Actually yesterday I was so tight during the day I PB'd some of my soup at the beginning and only got through around 3/4 of it because I was so full... I had a small handful of nuts mid afternoon as well and was full... I've gotten used to the smaller portions as well. Before, I used to pack so much for lunch, and ended up throwing away more than half of it! I used to pack a piece of fruit, tub of yoghurt, a protein snack, some soup for lunch, a protein shake for breakfast and a can of soft drink - which to a normal person is a normal to small sized lunch... I would come home with the fruit, yoghurt and even the protein snack sometimes... Now I pack my protein shake for the morning, a protein snack, soup for lunch and a can of diet soft drinks. At work I might have 2 plain biscuits and a cup of tea for morning tea as well if I'm extra hungry... but I really don't need much at all!!

I'm off to a party tonight where I haven't see a few people in a long long time (perhaps 6-8 months). I'm looking forward to seeing them and seeing their reactions :)

Thanks for reading! Have a happy weekend! :)

LBG xx

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mjwdec73 said...

Looking forward to hearing the reactions from the party.

So exciting about the dress - that has come around soooooo quickly.

I suspect you might drop a bit more between the first fitting and the wedding - can't wait to hear just how much.