Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I think they've found my sweet spot

Over the past day or so my band restriction has calmed down alot, thank god, and I'm finding that I'm not struggling with my food anymore. I'm still getting the full full full feeling, but not the urge to vomit that was coming with every mouthful. I'm finding that my band is tighter in the morning, so I'm having a liquid breakfast (up&go and a coffee) which is going down well and keeping me full. It's almost like I'm learning how to eat again... I'm having to sample small amounts of everything to see what works and what doesn't!! On Sunday night, I tried some bread.. which didn't work at all. So I think bread is out. Yesterday I had some potato and rice.. and that went down fine (but eaten very very slowly!). I've got a small pasta meal for lunch today, and I will be trying that one. Just thinking of what to make for dinner tonight - I might boil an egg and mash it with some mayo and cook some veges to go with it. I'm also easing myself back into solids again - I am craving salads at the moment, but just not that game to try it out yet... maybe towards the end of the week! :)

So this is what I ate yesterday:
BF: Berocca Performance, Coffee, Up&Go Breakfast drink
MT: 4 rice crackers
L: 1/4 cup rice, 1/3 cup potato and gravy
AT: 25g salt and vinegar chips (surprisingly, they go down reaaaaaaaaally easily! Doh!)
D: 1/2 schnitzel, 3 potato gems, 1 tbsp veg
S: 1 fun sized chocolate bar

On the plus side, I've lost weight since my last post. Now at 105.1kg!! I've got another dietitians visit this afternoon, so it's weigh in time - I'm hoping I lost weight this week on their scales!! :)

Sorry for scaring everyone before with my crazy post about vomiting and stuff. It's really not that bad, I just think I pushed it a bit too much and really should have stuck to liquids for a day or so longer.

LBG xx

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