Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nothing to Report

Been a bit AWOL this past week, but I've got nothing new to report. I managed to gain some weight so back up to 105kg, which is really disappointing, and I can also swallow tablets whole again, which means that I'm due for another fill. I'm going to give it my best shot with a low cal diet and increase my exercise until I see my doctor on 21st May. If I'm not under 100kg by then, I'm going to get another fill. My fill level is actually really good at the moment. I feel full after only a small plate of food, but I don't PB. In fact, I haven't PB'd in over a week! But I'm still eating too much crap, which fits through the band way too easily! That's why I've decided to track exactly what I'm eating and consume 1500kcal/day or less. To lose weight I'm supposed to consume 1800kcal/day and exercise for at least 30 mins.

Wish me luck!

Erika xx

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Veronica said...

Chin up buddie - you can do this!

Eating habits are sooo hard to change arent they! I am sure that the only reason I have lost weight is because I have reduced my carb intake. Since being banded the only carbs I am eating are through my vegetables/soups.

I find it really hard to follow a low fat diet - because everything seems full of sugar! Sugar is ok in moderation, but causes huge insulin spikes, making your body store the excess as fat.

Keep going, I know you can do this Erica *hugs*