Thursday, April 12, 2007

Restriction has lessened, but that's OK!

I've been reading on the Lap Banding Yahoo Message Boards that some people feel the restriction go about 2 weeks after a fill. Well, that's exactly what has happened to me. Good thing is, is that I'm still feeling the restriction there, but it's not in my face after every single mouthful. I think that this is where my restriction is meant to me. For lunch today I had a sushi role and was feeling every now and then the restriction. I also had a small pasta salad and was full. Yesterday I had half a pumpkin and fetta wrap - took 20mins to eat it, had a tiny bit of rocket and sundried tomato salad and was full as well. Last night I had 1 small piece of fish, 1/2 a cup of steamed veges and 2 small chat potatos and I was full. So I think for now, I'm going ok with my portion sizes. I am noticing though, that before, an up&go drink would fill me up for breakky, now i'm getting hungry about 1/2 an hour after I have it - which means I probably need to progress on to solids for breakky.

I'm thinking that instead of a carb rich breakky, like weetbix or cereal that I start having an egg in the morning, maybe some baked beans and some "veges" like tomato/avocado/cucumber. I'm still having my berocca every morning which is good because I know I'm at least getting SOME of my nutrients for the day! :) I've also started eating fruit. I was a bit scared about starting with fruit, because it was so fibrous - but I had an apple yesterday and even though it took me twice as long to get through, I didn't finish it and was full.

I'm also having gall bladder *pangs* which are quite painful on almost a daily basis. The Dr said that there was a chance that this could happen after the surgery, so I'm monitoring it to see how it goes. Seems to happen in the afternoon, around 3-5pm - so perhaps because I'm digesting my lunch at that time?? I will talk to my Doctor about it when I see him on 21st May.

And on crappy news, I've gained the kg I lost - must have been that easter weekend... I knew that chocolate would catch up with me - I'm now up to 104.6kg *argh*. I caught a glimpse of life in the 103's... I'm going to do my best to get down there (... and beyond...) again!! BUT - even though I've gained that weight back, I thinkI've said goodbye to the 105's forever... which is what I was sitting on for the longest time. And I figure that if the band does it's job and I lose between 50% - 75% of my excess weight (my excess weight being 40kg) within the first year then I'm well on my way to losing 20kg (50%)... this isn't a race anymore, this is life!

Happy lap banding!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...


Damn...don't you hate it when you gain back the weight you lose!! I have very little restriction at the moment and it's driving me crazy. And unfortunately I can't get into the dr for another 5 weeks! Grrrr.

Oh well, as you said, this isn't a race anymore, this is life. Just have to keep repeating it to myself!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your blog - I'm due for my band on 31st May, and can't wait. It's awesome to hear your real world anecdotes, (even when they sound painful). Glad you're working through everything.

You go girl. Good on ya for having the courage to lay your story out like this - you're both an inspiration and a massive help. Sincere thanks and keep up your great work.