Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nearly back to the 103's!

Jumped on the scales this morning to be at 104.0kg exactly. Couldn't make myself do a number 2, which I normally do before stepping on the scales, so essentially I really COULD be back in the 103s again! *lol* OK, was that way too much information??

Think that I'm getting my band under control now. I haven't PB'd in 5 days now and every time I feel like I could be going down that road, I pull right back, wait and it goes down OK. I'm working out things I can and cannot eat. I'm also incorporating more veges into my diet, which are going down and keeping me full quite nicely.

I worked out today that I am losing on average 400g a week. I am totally happy with that! My diet is going well this week - although I did have some popcorn this afternoon (which went down way too easily - unfortunately!) I thought the pop corn would fill me up quite quickly, but it didn't - Infact, I feel more restriction with potato chips than with popcorn.. strange!

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