Monday, April 30, 2007

White bread = PB

Morning my fellow and soon-to-be fellow bandits reading my blog!

This weekend was an interesting one... I went out on Saturday night and had 1 small bite of a fresh white bread roll and immediately went to PB it up... that was it for me and food for the rest of the night. I realised that I hadn't eaten white bread since before the operation, so it looks as though White bread is a no go food for me from now on. Funny, because I managed a slice of Cape Seed Bakers Delight bread with no problems earlier that day. That bread is delish toasted and makes me soooooooooooo full! I've got a piece of that bread with a small tin of baked beans for lunch today. *yum*

And on scale related news, I dropped down to 103.8kg this weighin, the lightest I've been since the banding. 200g off 5kg lost. I really had hoped that I'd have lost enough this week to make that goal, but it wasn't meant to be... so I'm aiming for it for this weekend. At least the scale gods have blessed me this weigh in. It's funny how your whole mood relys on a tiny (or in my case, not-so-tiny) number on those scales...

Much love,

LBG xx

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Anonymous said...


Hey, good for you on breaking through the 104's and hitting the 103's.

I know what you mean about the scales affecting your mood. I have been stuck at the exact same weight for 4 weeks now....and I can't get in for a fill for another 3 1/2 wks!!! Arrrgghh. Of course, I'm off to Thailand this weekend, so that's making me feel better. : )

I know I'm definitely not restricted enough, as I can still eat white bread, steak etc. And I've never PB'd...ever. And I've been banded 5 months. Bring on the fill.

You're doing great work, keep it up!