Monday, April 16, 2007

Shaking things up...

So I gained this week - 400g, pushing me above the 104s (but not by much).

So time to shake things up again, I'm sick of my weight loss being so bloody slow! Ok, yeah.. I know it's a lifetime thing... but c'mon... I should be losing more weight that this!!!

So, this is what I'm doing different:
1. Optifast every morning
2. Salad/protein for lunch
3. Increased Exercise
4. Optifast with salad/veg for dinner every night.
5. Nuts or an egg as a snack

I'm going to do this for the 5 working days this week. My next weigh in is on Saturday.

And on a different note, I had half a bran muffin for breakky yesterday and was FULL until 3pm! But then I went and had some potato chips.... oops!

LBG xx

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Rava said...

Hi Erica,

I hear your frustration!

I mean for goodness sakes Ive only been banded 13 days today, but this morning my scale said I had nearly put on a full 1kg! Go figure!

The only thing I can say is watch out for nuts! For me personally I find that they make me retain fluid, and as they are so full of carbs I have an insulin spike, which leads me to feel hungry again.