Sunday, March 16, 2008

You'll be so proud!

I arrived in Wellington this afternoon after a 3.5 hour flight from Sydney. I'd had the insides of a beef pie, a 25g pack of pringles, 1 le snack and a caramello koala. So quite a few snacky things, the calorie intake was around 150-200cal for the beef pie insides, 150cal for the pringles, 100cal for the le snack and 100cal for the chocolate - all up I've had around 600cals. I was pretty hungry when I got to Wellington. I decided to drop my stuff at the hotel room and go for a walk. Now, if you know Wellington, you will know it is VERY hilly! My hotel is on top of a particularly large hill, the only way being down. I had the choice of just visiting the starmart at the next corner but I decided to take a walk down to the end of the hill and into the shopping area. All I really wanted was a decent coffee. Nothing really was open, except McDonalds, BK and Starbucks. So, instead of getting an icecream and drink from McD's or BK (cos there was no way I was going to attempt eating any of their solid foods!) I decided just to pick up a small latte from Starbucks. It was delish! I walked around for 45mins (there's my exercise!!) and then decided to head back to the hotel room...

Well, I walked up these motherfucker stairs to get to the top of the hill and back to my hotel room. Even though I exercise regularly, I still realise that I am still carrying 20kg excess weight (better than the 45kg extra I was carrying 2 years ago!!), and that I am still not THAT fit!

Anyhoo, for dinner tonight I'm going to have a grilled fish, polenta, wilted spinach and tomato salsa... YUM! Breakky tomorrow will be an up and go, which I bought at the corner store.

That's it for now! Peace out!

LBG xx


mjwdec73 said...

Oh, those Wellington hills - evil. Wonder if the change in your routine will hit the scales?

Such a difference though - how would you have felt 2 years ago?

going4goal said...

You are doing really well.

Avoiding McD's and BK and CHOOSING to go for a walk (including hills!)are great things to do for your body!

Isn't it great that the band gives us opportunities and time, to make better choices and finally look after our bodies?

Your blog is great, really honest.
Keep up the great work :)