Friday, March 21, 2008

Chocolate vs the 80's

Check out these numbers on the scales! Sooooooooo fucking CLOSE! 200 measily grams off being able to call myself an 80's girl...

That's just a really big number 2 isn't it?? Actually, this week has been really fun. I've been all over NZ and done alot of activities surrounding food and fabulous NZ wine. Monday was an evening at a gorgeous resteraunt in Wellington, 3 courses, easily managable being spread out over 4 hours, loads of great sauv blanc and merlot from Oyster and Hawks Bay in NZ, Tuesday was a trip to Christchurch, where we had a lovely lunch provided (1 sandwich and 1 toilet bowl later I gave up on lunch), and then because we had time to kill before our flight to Auckland, we had a lovely meal whilst sitting in the Sun near the banks of the Avon (I chose the soup...). We entertained some people for breakfast in Auckland. I didn't opt for the big breakfast, but had some porridge which I got through about 3 mouthfuls of and then left because it started to go cold (and I hate cold porridge). Then I was on my way back to Sydney. Didn't have lunch on the plane because I knew it was food I'd being bringing back up later. I had a cup a soup back at the office, before attending a thing where I was invited to speak. There was "supper" afterwards - mini sandwiches (that's definitely a no for me) and some salmon, cream cheese on these mini toasts (I had one and I was completely full!!). By the time I got home I was so tired, I went to bed without giving another thought to food!

However, Yesterday Thursday saw me having around 10 mini easter eggs and 3 of those next size up from the mini easter eggs. I thought for sure that was going to put a dent in my efforts, so I was surprised this morning to weigh in at .... *drum roll please*.... 90.1kg!! At my surgeons scales I would now be 89.9kg.. as there is a 200g difference between our scales. I've got a follow-up appointment with him on Tuesday... so the chocolate I could be consuming this weekend really doens't seems as important as hitting the 80's...

Have a safe and happy easter!!

LBG xx

P.S. This was what was in my lunchbox yesterday. The Tuna and Fruit Puree came back home with me...

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mjwdec73 said...

Oh my god - so close - you will get there - I know it! Sod chocolate!!

Your week sounds like it was really fun and your lunchbox looks like my pantry - except for the apples.

Nearly in the 80's - wow!!