Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chocolate Binge

Last night I had the biggest chocolate binge, and I loved every single mouthful of it. OK, feeling slightly guilty now, as I didn't end up going to the gym - although I did get a bit of a workout of a different kind last night *wink wink*... but that really doesn't make up for the 400calories I inhaled after dinner!

I had half a packet of those red tulip easter eggs, 2 of those new honeycomb tim tams and a fun size snickers bar. Actually I have to admit, that this binge, while it felt like alot, really wasn't when I think back to my 2000cal binges I used to have!!

My calorie intake has been so low recently that I wanted to shake things up and inject my body with a bolus of energy.... and what better way to do that, than with Chocolate of all things!

Anyhoo, today I'm off to a Body Jam session tonight burning around 200cals. I'm also out for lunch today with my girlfriend who knows that I have the band. I'll probably stick to something safe like soup... I don't want to have to deal the whole public PB thing.

Speaking of PB'ing, I haven't had a puke in 4 days! That's pretty good. I think my band has finally settled after the fill and I'm eating foods that are a little more solid, although I am having to think more with my brain than with my tastebuds. I have to admit that I still get disappointed when I go out and have a meal and know that I can't eat half the foods on the menu. I went out for a meal with a girlfriend last week. It was chinese. I LOVE salt and pepper squid, but I knew I wouldn't be able to have it because of the chewiness factor... so I chose Laksa, which I really only at the soup part of anyway. I had one piece of her salt and pepper squid and chew chew chewed it, then spat it out into a napkin!!! But, it did taste good!!! I do miss veges alot, stir fry especially. I do still eat veges - soups and thoroughly cooked veg, but I can't do undercooked veg anymore... but that's OK!

I had pizza for dinner last night. I made a pizza on a mini tortilla and only got through 3/4 of it. I had photos - my fiance thinks I'm weird that I'm taking photos of my food, but I really want to show you guys how much I can eat, and how much restriction I have!!

This was my Pizza! It was delish... and below is how much I got through before I had to stop!!

And here's my photo of my boots that are way way way too big for me now.... Woohoo!!!

Have a great day!

LBG xx

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mjwdec73 said...

Love those workouts - they are my faves ;) The honeycomb tim tams aren't bad either - I'm still in shock that I stopped at one.

The pizza looks delish - I love that you are enjoying your food.

What a massive gap in your boots - wow!