Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm an 80's girl!!!!!!!

Surgeon's appointment today and I nervously stood on the scales. I weighed in at 89.6kg... FUCKING AWESOME!!! I was dancing around his office singing "I'm in the 80's, I'm an 80's girl!!" My surgeon is really happy with my progress and doesn't want to take any fill out. I explained to him how much I struggled with my food, but he thinks that I'm doing OK. I'm enjoying the soups and tiny portions, and if it will help my weight loss, then so be it!

He wants me to lose 10kg by my wedding (in 10 weeks time!). I'm like... Yeah right!! I'd be sweet at 85kg... but he thinks I can pull a bigger number... Bring on the Challenge!!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Hi, congratuations!!! My name is Vettie and I have been reading your blog for about as long as you have been writing it. We are about the same weight. I weighed in with my surgeon last month at 89.4kg aswell. Not sure what I am at the moment...hope Im still going down. Its 1 yr tomorrow that Ive been banded and down 30.6kg since that day. Its it amazing how your life has changed!!! Anyway just wanted to let you know Im very proud of you and that I enjoy your blog very much so keep on writing!!! All the best for your wedding in 10 weeks time.

mjwdec73 said...


You go girl - well done. I saw your header and did a little dance around my laptop.


PS - Does this mean we get wedding photos? Huh, can we, huh? Pretty please with sushi on top.

So pleased and proud for you!!

Bridget said...

yay!!!! thats so great! can't wait to get into the 80's! even the 90's I'll settle for right now!! haha!