Saturday, March 15, 2008

I miss my routine!!

Last week I was in Asia, tomorrow I fly to New Zealand... will this madness ever end? Ok, it is going to end... after the beginning of April... I've started on a new job role.. actually I've just been promoted, but I'm a very interesting situation where I've been thrown into this new role (because the old person has now left) so while I've been transitioning onto this role, I've still got all my other responsibilities, which I'm currently in the process of handing over... So I'm travelling heaps to "hand over" everything to the people who will be taking over from me...

But I have NO routine at the moment... especially with my eating and exercise! It's all over the place, and with me being in different timezones at the moment, I'm getting hungry at the weirdest times!

Anyhoo, I managed a core class and a spin class - totallying 1.5 hours of gym time today, and tomorrow, when I get to Wellington, I'm going to do a workout at the hotel gym. That will be it until Thursday, but I do plan on getting to a body jam session in the evening of the Thursday, and possibly a workout during the day at the gym near work on Thursday....

So, what have I had to eat today?
Breakky/MT was 30g museli & Milk with a few unsalted nuts (walnuts and almonds) - got through around 3/4 of it
Lunch was half a Mango Lassi drink from this crappy Indian diner while I was out shopping
Afternoon Tea was 2 cups of popcorn and some nuts
It's now 8pm and I'm not all that hungry, but I will have a Velish soup to get some veges in me!

OK, enough from me, I have to go and pack for my trip!

LBG xx

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mjwdec73 said...

Wow - I hope the transition settles down soon - I'm tired just reading that. So glad you managed to get some exercise in anyway.