Thursday, March 13, 2008

So much food! Such a little Stomach...Argh!

So here I am sitting in Changi Airport in Singapore, waiting for my flight... and I'm waiting at the Singapore Airlines Lounge (very very noice!!). The buffett is gorgeous... there is a mix of western dishes and traditional malay cusine as well as Japanese and Korean. I got myself a small bowl of Korean glass noodles.. have had one bite and I'm freaking full... ARGH! I mean so full to the point where if I eat any more I'll puke. And I know I'll feel this way at least for the next couple of hours. So I could either go into the bathroom and make myself sick so I can try something different.. (don't think I'll be doing that one!) I can keep eating until I do spew... just so I can eat... ( nope, that one doesn't sit well with me either) or I could just stare and the bowl of noodles I can't consume and get depressed... (yep, this seems like the best and only sensible option right now). *sigh*

I've had the busiest freaking week... yes I know, I always seem to be busy, but when you're overseas you have to fit in so much into the time that you have here that you feel like you do so much! I really haven't been eating much at all. I've skipped breakfast most days, or managed a mouthful of cereal and a yoghurt drink. I'll have a coffee or two in the mid morning, and all three days I've worked straight through lunch only to realise that it's 4pm and I haven't eaten since 8am and I'm fucking starving. I've had soup or soft fish for dinner in the evening. I had a delish Sharkfin soup in Hong Kong... YUM, and last night on the plane travelling to Singapore I had this most gorgeous soft bass in a cream sauce (with potatos and tomato and veges which I pretty much skipped). I managed all of the fish and was pretty pleased with that as I've been struggling alot with my protein recently.. Now these noodles are sitting in front of me, taunting me... I need to get rid of them! I'm not sure what my weight is going to be like when I get home... I never seem to lose anything while I am away, which I'm not exactly sure why... perhaps it's because I don't know the fat/energy content in the foods I am eating? Because I'm not exercising as much (if at all!!!)? Who knows..

Ok, over and out from me... I'm travelling on the Airbus A380 back to Sydney, business class and so I'm going to go and board now... Actually, just quickly before I go, I had the fish on the way over on the A380 and I think the hostess was worred about me when I pretty much didn't eat any of the meal... she was worried that I didn't enjoy it and asked me if I wanted to chose another dish!! God bless her cotton socks! If Only she knew!

LBG xx

P.S. I have to say a MASSIVE MASSIVE (or not so massive!!) CONGRATULATIONS to MJW who has lost a phenomenal 27kg since her banding in January! Well freaking done girl!!! You are awesome!

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mjwdec73 said...

Thank you - your comment and your PS just topped off a pretty good day!

That fish sounds good - I'm loving my seafood sooooo much! What a gorgeous hostess - how sweet. And business class - nice :)