Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Worried about the spewing?

A question from anonymous... thanks anonymous for dropping by my humble blog and leaving a comment!!!

To answer your questions - yes and no. There are two different types of spews. There is the lapband spew or productive burp - basically a burp that ends up producing the contents of the small stomach into the toilet/sink/disposible bag due to a big piece not going through. This can be involuntary or voluntary (if you stick your fingers down your throat - very relieving when the spew won't come by itself!!), and doesn't involve the acid of your stomach, so you don't get the sick smelly vomity grossness and you feel instantly better. You also don't get the heaving and wretching that you do if you have a real vomit. That's when the stomach contents of your lower tummy get forced through the band hole and up into the big bad world... those are the vomits that scare me. They also hurt like a motherfucker. That's when you think.. fuck fuck fuck.. my band has slipped. That's when you feel like you're having a heart attack cos there is so much pain in that area. Thankfully, I have only ever had one - when I had a touch of gastro.

I've also read somewhere that if you vomit every day, 3 times a day for 6 months then you can stretch the band, or make the band slip or something.. which I'm also worried about.

Does that answer your question??

Anyhoo, food yesterday was good:

Uncle Toby's Protein Plus 40g
Time Taken: 30mins
Difficulty level: 3/10
Number of Spews: 0

Chopped up tomato, avocado, onion and lemon juice (1 cup total food)
Left over cous cous with 2 pieces chicken and a couple of pieces of soft succhini
Time Taken: 60mins
Difficulty level: 5/10
Number of Spews: 0

Afternoon tea
1 slice ham
1 slice cheese
Time Taken: 20mins
Difficulty Level: 4/10
Number of Spews: 0

2 tablespoons of tinned spaghetti
4 rice thins
1 ice block
Time taken: 30mins
Difficult Level: 5/10
Number of Spews: 0

Yes peoples, a spew free day! WooHoo! Did 1.5 hours of dragon boat race training yesterday too, so my back and shoulders got a great workout. We've got a corporate challenge race on the weekend for Chinese New Year. Very excited! Loving the "trying new sports" thing. Doesn't feel like you're exercising at all.. it's fun and I get to team build with my colleagues at work.

Tonight I'm off to do a CORE class at the gym. 45mins of pure torture with a bosu ball... but so well worth it. I'll also do 15mins of arm and chest weights to even out the workout. Tomorrow is a Body Jam Class and then Friday I might see about going to the gym at lunch with the girls from work - or I might take a day off, or I might even go before work! We'll see...

As for my weight - well, I've lost what I put on during my trip to the Philippines last week - so now I'm back to where I started 2 weeks ago!! But I'm feeling really fit and "skinny" at the moment, which is a feeling I just want to bottle up and sell!

Have a great day!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

thankx for sharing. doesn't seem like much food? anyhoo, best of luck with it all


mjwdec73 said...

Feeling fit and skinny is something I can't wait for. It's funny though - I do feel skinnier.

I'm definitely not looking forward to my first band spew - fingers crossed on that one. Your lunch sounded yummy!

Chantel said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the info about the spewing! Something I've been wondering about and you've described it great (well not that spewing sounds great but I understand what it should be like

I've just stumbled across your blog so I'm looking forward to having a good read of it.

Enjoy that skinny feeling, I'd love to buy a bottle... :)