Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WonTon Noodle Soup

I love Wonton Noodle soup. It's low in calories, has a load of veges in it and it tastes superb... however, my band doesn't like WonTon Noodle Soup. Every time I eat it, I spew it up.. without fail, no matter how much I chew chew chew..

Last night was no different - I ordered WonTon Noodle Soup and slurped up most of the soupy part... easy. Then I had a small mouthful of noodles. It sat there, the pain got worse and so I stood up and walked around - the pain went away. COOL, I thought! Another bite... a bit of vege... all over. Spew time. My band lied to me.. those noodles were still there!!!

Yesterday I also ordered a plate of fruit for breakky. It came with some cottage cheese (which I LOVE). Because I'm overseas at the moment I've got some access to some fantastic tropical fruits... and there was enough on my fruit platter to feed about 6 bandits. So I ate the cottage cheese, no problems. One bite of the mango (oh, god... it was delish!).. and that was it .. I was FULL! One more bite and I would have spewed. Soooooooooo disappointed that I had to leave the watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple and the mango sitting there.. I didn't even bring a container so I could have it later... I almost cried! What an absolute waste (not to mention the $20 I paid for it!!!).. *sigh*

Anyhoo, back to the noodle carnage that was my dinner last night. So after a massive spew in the toilet I was completely over my WonTon Noodle Soup, put it outside my room, grabbed a tolberone and a gatorade from the mini bar and sat in bed and ate it... something I now feel terribly guilty about... I should have stopped at the noodles. Buggar Buggar Buggar.

I do get some reprieve though - I did a 40min walk on the treadmill averaging 6.2km/hr, then did 30 minutes of weights, and then went for a 15minute swim.

Moral of this story: Stay AWAY from WonTon Noodle Soup - your band will never love it as much as you do. AND... Tolberone and Gatorade should not allowed in a Minibar fridge!

LBG xx

P.S. Thanks for reading everyone! I put in a counter to see how many people were visiting, and in 1 week I've had 170 people come see my little blog! CoooooooooooooooL!!! Who would think that people would be interested in reading about my marathon in-flight spews and other tales! *lol*


fuzzywhitedogs said...

I'm one of the 170. It is so interesting reading about how the band is working for you (plus your travels sound wonderful!)

Best wishes for continuing loss! You're doing great!

mjwdec73 said...

I love having a counter on my blog - just one of those geeky things that entertain me.

I'm really enjoying reading how you cope with travel and the band. It is the one thing I'm dreading with our trip to Europe in September. I guess it will be one day at a time.

Oh, tropical fruit. Yum!

Reney said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Congrats on the bandiversary.

I love wonton noddle soup its one of my fav things to eat and I too used to hold onto the toilet bowl for dear life whilst I puked it all up...

This used to piss me off as there are some foods I just dont want to have to give up so I put my little thinking hat on and decided that I would cut my wontons and noddles using kitchen shears/scissors. (May I suggest you carry a pair around with you...yeah people will think you are a terrorist but who gives a crapola right?) With the kitchen scissors literally cut the noddles and wontons over and over and over again and TADA VIOLA Wonton Noodle Soup a la Lap band style.

Trust me it works!!!

Big love from your number one fan!!