Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Bandiversary!!

Can you believe it? 1 year banded... how time flies! How did I celebrate? Brunch with a fellow bandit who was banded the same week as me! (although she's lost a shit more weight than me... ). Brunch was great... we had fruit, yoghurt and juice. We got through about half of the fruit, and a couple of glasses of juice and was full full full! (Yay!)

The fill restriction has eased slightly over the past couple of days which is great. I had a shocking time on Friday night when I flew home from New Zealand. I had the chicken curry, thinking that the rice and chicken and sauce would go down ok... first bite and I knew I was in trouble. Lucky I had already drunk a whole bottle of poweraide because I literally spewed and spewed and spewed and spewed for 3 hours and filled the 750mL bottle twice. OMG I thought my chest was going to explode, and I really really honest to god thought my band had slipped I was in so much pain!! I was sitting next to the window, so I was able to hide my bottle next to me and kind of turn my head every time I wanted to spew. The problem was, the more I spewed the more swollen my stomach and band got.. and I had to start spitting into the bottle cos even saliva wasn't going down at one point!!! As soon as I got up and walked around, I felt better. But as soon as I sat down, I started again. I was so paranoid that customs were going to think I was doing drugs or something cos I felt so ill. I was terrified I'd be standing in the customs line and have a vomit in the middle of everyone, with scary customs people looking at me, then dragging me off into a room to interrogate me about why I was vomiting.. and if they thought that I was hiding a supply of drugs internally and the condom had burst... What a flight!! luckly all was ok when I got off the plan and started moving again. I was very very tender the next day...

Anyhoo... happy bandiversary to me!! Despite that horror story above, it's still the best thing I could have done! I LOVE my band! :)

LBG xx

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mjwdec73 said...

Happy bandiversary! I love that even though you had the flight from hell you still love your band. Sitting here at less than one month in, that is such a good thing to read. What a great way to celebrate too - could you imagine doing that 18 months ago?