Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ease of Restriction

I've definitely been feeling better about my food intake over the last few days. The Spewing has stopped and I'm tolerating salads and veges, in very small portions. Today for lunch I had a lovely cous cous salad with baby spinach, spanish onions, baby tomatos, lamb and balsamic vinegar and garlic - delish. Only 1 cup - but I managed to eat it and keep it down within 30mins, so feeling pretty good! I've also got this for dinner tonight which I am looking forward to, but not before doing a Core and Spin class (90mins exercise for me tonight!).

My next Appointment with my surgeon is in 5 weeks time, and I've decided that I'm not going to look at the scales until then. I'm sick of seeing the same numbers come up again and again, no matter what I am eating or what exercise I am doing. The next 5 weeks will be all about getting back to normal eating patterns, avoiding PB's as much as possible, exercising my little heart out and enjoying Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand (travel for work!! Lucky me!!!).

Congrats to MJW who has just registered a 20kg loss after having the band for only 1 month!!! Well done girl!

LBG xx

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mjwdec73 said...

Thank you - you've just made my night :) I'm still very excited about it I have to admit.

Today's lunch sounds good - might have to pinch that recipe. 1 cup is enough I suspect.

Enjoy the travel and normal life - I think you are pretty wise to avoid the scales until your next appointment.

I just noticed on your ticker that you are more than halfway to your goal - you go girl!!