Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sorry, no witty title today. Got news last night that I didn't get the job I was hoping for. Apparently the person who got it had more experience than me.. a little disappointed but have moved on. I had a 2nd interview for another company yesterday over the phone and a 1st interview last month with the possibility of a second interview later on this week. So a little bummed, but getting on with it. I still have 4.5 weeks until I'm officially unemployed, so plenty of time to find that perfect job! I'm not out of the running yet! Plenty of opportunities to come.

As a result, my stress levels are pretty high at the moment. The gym is helping me keep calm, but I've noticed that my band is super tight over the past few days. Breakfast is half a piece of toast with p-butter or jam, the a couple of small pieces of watermelon in the morning, lunch is variable and it really depends what I'm doing (i.e if I'm at my desk working, or out with friends..). If I'm by myself or not really concentrating on eating I can usually eat more (i.e. a cheese and vegemite roll over an hour or so), where as if I'm with a friend I'm conscious of what I'm eating and how fast so I'll eat less.

In other news, on Sunday I went for my first road bike ride! Hooley Dooley! What a workout and so much fun! Road around 10km to bi-centennial park at homebush bay, Sydney, road around the park, had coffee and the road back. One part of it was a killer (Heart break hill we called it), but we managed to make it back and in the process I burnt over 1000 cals just going there and back (I didn't even track the riding we did around the park!). I was rooted by the end of the day and was asleep by 8:30pm that evening... but so much fun and something I definitely want to do more often. :)

Happy Hump Day Peoples!

LBG xx


GF said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get offered the job, but it looks as though you've got some other options!

Good for you out riding your bike!! Keep it going :)

Diz said...

Sounds like a great day, wind in your hair, and feeling great. I'm sure the right job will come along. Don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Sucks about the job, but I'm a beleiver of the what is meant to be will be philosophy so I'm sure there's something better out there for you!

Great work on the bike ride. My bike is gathering dust at the moment!

mjwdec73 said...

That bike ride sounds fab - once my knee will go in circles I'm so pulling mine out!!