Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stepping up the Exercise

While I haven't been slack with my exercise, I know I can work out harder. I have a F11 polar heart rate monitor which I can set a program to. Before my program had me training 4 times a week, burning a total of 1750/week over approximately 3 hours. Each Monday morning you get a weekly summary message on your monitor and consistently I have been getting above 150% of the targets set by my program. So I decided to up the anti... now I have to work out at least 5 times a week burning a total of 2500 cals over approximately 4.5 hours. I must say, it's made me alot more self conscious about my training. Last week was the first week I did the new program and I managed to get 108% of my target, which was great but to get to that level I did a heap of exercise:
Monday - 1 hour cardio/weights at local gym in the morning
Tuesday - Spin Class - 45 mins in the morning
Wednesday - Boxing Class - 1 hour in the morning
Thursday - 45 mins cardio at local gym in the morning
Saturday - Spin Class - 45 mins in the morning

This week I've done:
Monday - 1 hour of cardio at local gym in the evening
Tuesday - Spin Class - 45 mins in the morning
Wednesday - Boxing Class - 1 hour in the morning
The rest of the week will be as follows:
Wednesday - 30 min treadmill in the evening (as husband has physio appointment at the gym and I have to take him cos he can't drive at the moment)
Thursday - Spin Class - 45 mins in the morning
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Spin Class - 45 mins in the morning
Sunday - Rest Day

Changing the program has made me rethink my training, and I'm putting alot more effort into each session because I know I've got to work that much harder to make my target each week... it's been great.

The down side is that I'm hungrier and therefore wanting to eat more. The only problem is that I get so hungry that I tend to pick foods that will give me an instant energy boost (ie chocolate) rather than eating some good quality food... so I've decided that this week I'm going to try eating little but often, combining protein with complex carbs. So today I've packed myself:
Yoghurt - 177 cals
Popcorn - 94 cals
Le Snack - 88 cals
Cut up vege (cucumber and carrot) - 30 cals
2 tbsp lite cottage cheese - 50 cals
Small bread roll with 1 slice cheese and vegemite - 200 cals
1 apple and a small container of grapes.

This should definitely be enough! Dinner tonight will be 1 fillet of fish, baked and a couple of table spoons of steamed vege.

Hope you all have a great day!

LBG xx


brent said...

yah - when you up the kilojoule output you need to pay attention to how you up the kilojoule input.

nice work.

Melanie said...

Your exercise record is awesome. I know what you mean re the eating. Always coming back to the fact that the lapband is the tool and we have to make the decisions about what goes in the mouth!