Monday, March 30, 2009

Still sick, but soldiering on!

I was pretty sick this weekend, but it didn't stop me from going to V-Festival in Sydney on Saturday. We ended up walking about 8km in total because we ended up walking from centennial park all the way to central station. Yesterday I was wiped, I had such a big day on Saturday that I think it all caught up on me on Sunday. I didn't eat too well on Saturday - it started off with 2 bites of a sausage McMuffin for breakfast, then a couple of wedges which made friends with the toilet bowl, then I snacked on burger rings and cheese n bacon balls throughout the afternoon while at the festival... by 11pm I was really hungry, but couldn't be bothered with a pie or hungry jacks because I knew that I'd more than likely vomit it up again... needless to say, on Sunday I was craving healthy foods, so I had an apple which I managed to eat over 45 mins, and a gorgeous chicken and salad wrap for lunch which took me 45 mins to eat as well. Dinner was nacho mince packed full of vege with a couple of slices of polenta..

I've got the next 4 days off work, back for 1 day on Friday and then I start my new job on Monday. I've got loads of things planned for this week:

Monday: Step Class at 9:30am then Lunch at the fish markets with my best friend
Tuesday: Spin Class 6am, Car servicing in the morning, lunch with Mum and a facial in the afternoon
Wednesday: Boxing Class 6am, Morning tea with a girlfriend and then a body spa in the afternoon
Thursday: Spin Class 6am, Hair appointment at 2pm and then a spray tan after that...

How so utterly blissful!

I also plan to watch my eating this week. I'm still not 100% convinced I need a fill yet... but I'm loving eating the salad wraps and fruits.. so I'll stick with all that good stuff.

So Anyhoo, while I'm still a bit sniffly today I'm just about to head off for a Step Class, which I'm looking forward to as I never get to do step classes as they are always during the day..

have a good week! I know I will !! :)

LBG xx


GF said...

Here's hoping the eating will get easier for you. One never knows, do they?

Good for you on the 6am varied class schedule. How do you like the boxing class??

Here's hoping for a great week!!

Melanie said...

You're doing well. I've glad you enjoyed the V concert. The wraps are great aren't they. Good luck with the new job.

klm said...

Hello lovely! Guess who? *LOL*

How did the Step class go?? Looking at the exercise planned this week, I'm truly impressed that in your week off, you are still so committed that you will go to the gym at 6am instead of sleeping in and enjoying it while you can. Go girlfriend!! :-)

Hope you do have a good week.. will catch up with you soon.

klm.. xo

Charlene the L said...

For your North American readers, what do mean when say "have a fill..." Is that Australian for eating a filling meal or do you mean the lap band needs more filling in it?