Friday, March 20, 2009

Couldn't fit into my pants!

I tried on my size 14, 3/4 length crop work pants today and they were tight. Too tight for my liking! Really haven't been too strict with my food intake at the moment. My typical day would be:

BF: Coffee, yoghurt
MT: popcorn (100cal)
L: 1 roll with butter, 2 slices of cheese and vegemite
AT: 1 piece of fruit (like a peach or some grapes)
D: 1 fillet of fish or half a schnitzel or 1 small sausage/chevup, 2 tbsp steamed vege - with some sort of mayo or tartare sauce to go with it
S: Either a nestle diet mousse or ice cream and usually a freddo frog or 2 with a cup of tea

So I totally know where I'm going wrong. But I also think to myself (maybe it's my internal reasoning).. that because I'm burning 500 cals at the gym that day that having those foods won't be a problem because I've "earnt" them. I don't know how to get out of that mind set. One thing I do need to do is get rid of all the bad food that I'm currently buying. I'm OK when I'm at work because I bring my food from home. I usually just bring healthy foods.. it's in the evening when it's the problem.

Help me get out of this dieting rut!! Suggestions welcome! :)

LBG xx


Lee said...

I'm just wondering if you go through phases of dieting with your band? I really have got so much from your journey like the "i haven't banded my brain" that it makes me wonder if something like a hypnosis tape would help. The last time I lost a good amount of weight I tried one and I have to say it worked. I played it at night in bed and actually went to sleep listening to it so wasn't hard to do. When I did it consistenly I found that the subliminal message of not wanting junk, drink more water and feel full on smaller portions actually helped. (If only I could maintain this. Perhaps I need to get a personal tape made and add in the want to excercise and feel the need to meditate everyday.)

I'm about to start the tape again tonight as I am day 1 optifast, although hate it so to be honest I am more meditrim/ Tony Ferguson as i can cope with those flavours.

Went out with close friends last night for Peking Duck as my 'last supper', drank heaps of wine with my meal and followed it with a Magnum. Hung over today but had to stuff myself senseless one more time.

Op date April 3. So for me it is back to the beginning of your blog to inspire me. I keep thinking about how to get my brain on board with the band. I am going with top surgeon who actually was really nice, not the grump I remembered. That means I don't have all the extra support that comes with the weight loss surgery clinics. Have you tried support groups or anything like that?

Wishing I had your gym motivation. Good luck with getting good again. I love your blog!


Eoralin said...

i don't see anything wrong with your diet. how's your exercise?

do you use calorieking to track your cals?

Diz said...

That's a hard one. I know what you mean about controlling the food at work, but when you get home, it's another story. I think you're on the right track about getting rid of the bad stuff in the house. You can do it though. You've got purpose and a brighter outlook.

mjwdec73 said...

Ouch - I know that headspace too - and it sucks. I have those moments where I tell myself I can eat something because I've earnt it. Of course, if I eat it because I've earnt it, it defeats the purpose of earning it. Aaaargh - my head spins