Friday, March 27, 2009


Just when I was going so well with my exercise I've come down with a cold/flu thing. I'm not keeling over from illness just yet, but it seems to be hovering around the stuffy head, one blocked nostril, achy muscles (although that might be exercise related!!) and pain in my throat and a bit of a cough.. nothing to see me hide out in bed for the next 2 days but enough to make me feel pretty crappy.

I am contemplating having another fill. Last fill was September of last year which is now 6 months ago. I can definitely eat more than I could before, but there are just some days where I really struggle with my foods. So I'm really not sure. Last night I ate 2 slices of Garlic and Cheese Pizza. Took me half an hour, small bites, chew chew chew... a bit of waiting in between to ensure it would go down again... Yet yesterday lunchtime I ate half a cape seed roll but it ended up making friends with the toilet bowl. So I'm just not sure... I think I'll leave it another couple of months and see how I go. I want to start introducing more stirfrys, salad sandwiches and all that good stuff and see how I go..

Do you think I need a fill? I can eat pizza!?

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're not well but congrats on all that exercise - that's phenomenal!

I know exactly what you mean about to fill or not to fill. I can't confirm nor deny that I ate a Big Mac last week. Granted it took about 45mins and halfway through I took out the bread and just ate the meat, sauce, lettuce, pickles. But I did it. Then on Monday I PB'd up yoghurt and quiche? What the fark!!!

Anyhoo, good luck with it all!

Em :) said...

hey my love!

i know EXACTLY what you mean... I am so, so, so farking sick of getting to a good place with my excersize and eating... and then getting sick or injured. it happens to me ALL the time - and it throws me out of routine - and i 'fall off the wagon'

i am really hoping this band helps me to minimise the damage during my 'falling off the wagon' - because i am sure it will happen - but hopefully it helps me bounce right back up again...

hope you feel better soon hun!

L x

Diz said...

To fill or not to fill. Always a difficult question. I think the approach you're taking is a good one. And they don't have to do a major fill, maybe just a tweak.